Research and Development

Complete ultrasound
and eddy-current
manufacture testing
Development of all processes by four-dimensional modeling
Development and integration of antifriction and corrosion-resistant coatings
In-house tooling
Advanced hardening methods
New product development

One of the largest laboratories
in metalworking industry

Types of laboratory research
  1. Determination of the whole chemical composition of steel and alloys by spectral method
  2. Determination of mechanical properties:
    • Determination of tensile strength
    • Determination of conventional and actual yield strength
    • Determination of tensile elongation and contraction
    • Determination of elasticity modulus
    • Upsetting test
    • Determination of impact resistance at low, room and high temperature (from -80°С to +100°С) with V- and U – type concentrators
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  3. Assessment of macrostructure
  4. Determination of grain size
  5. Determination of metal hardness
  6. Determination of surface quality group
  7. Determination of decarburization depth
  8. Determination of nonmetallic inclusions
  9. Coating thickness determination
  10. Determination of friction coefficient
  11. Proof load test
  12. Determination of general and diffused hydrogen in steels with the help of hydrogen analyzer
  13. Determination of corrosion resistance in the salt-spray chamber

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