The northern understudy of Kutuzovsky Prospekt will become the first toll highway in the city and will connect Moscow City with the MKAD and the Northern Bypass of Odintsovo. It will be a traffic-free four-lane highway with a length of 10.3 km with an estimated speed of 100 km/h.

It is planned that its appearance will reduce the workload of Kutuzovsky Prospekt and Mozhaisk Highway by 25% and, in general, relieve traffic in the western sector of Moscow. Traffic jams will have to go down in history. The new highway will improve the transport accessibility of Dorogomilovo, Kuntsevo, Filevsky Park, Mozhaisky and Fili-Davydkovo districts. The northern understudy of Kutuzovsky Prospekt has already begun to integrate into the city's street and road network, for which interchanges are being built and modernized, as well as nearby streets are being reconstructed and expanded.

Since a significant part of the Northern Understudy of Kutuzovsky Prospekt passes through overpasses, the progress of the entire construction depends on the timely delivery of metal structures and fasteners. After the metal began to arrive at the construction site, the builders began the enlarged assembly of metal crossbars, using high-strength bolts ZVK BERVEL. The front for the work is fully open and it is conducted in strict accordance with the schedule. 

Traffic on the Northern Understudy of Kutuzovsky Prospekt is scheduled to open in 2023.

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