The railway arch span of the Kerch Strait Bridge has been removed from the building slip. Builders move the span weighing more than 6000 tons by hauling it horizontally for 90 meters. This complicated process is performed day and night gradually with service interruptions. The arch will be shipped on the floating prier and transported to the channel pillars of the Kerch Strait, reports the information portal “The Bridge to Crimea”.

The railway arch consists of more than 400 large elements. For the railway arch assembly bridge builders completed about 4 kilometers of the 1st category butt welds and assembled 380 tons of high-strength bolted joints. During the assembly quality control specialists conducted more than 100 audits. The hauling operation began after the arch spans construction had been completed.

Source: the information portal “The Bridge to Crimea”

07 August 2017

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