Assembly of the Kerch Strait Bridge highway arch has been completed, reports the information portal “The Bridge to Crimea”.

            Highway cover will be closed at the height of 45 meters. Builders have already prepared the railway arch for channel pillars installation, reports the Federal Road Agency.

            For the highway arch assembly builders have joined 200 large structural components, completed about 4,5 kilometers of the 1st category butt welds, and assembled 110 tons of high-strength bolted joints.

            In the near future, it is planned to set up flexible suspensions, assembly operating systems and apply anti-corrosive paint. The weight of the arch span is almost 5000 tons.

            Railway arch of 6000 tons weight is practically complete. The arch with anti-corrosive coating application will be assembled on the bridge pillars.

            When all the construction works are finished the arch spans will be removed and assembled on the railway and highway channel pillars.

Source: the information portal “The Bridge to Crimea

31 July, 2017

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