By 16 March 2017, 267 of 595 pillarshave been installed, 204 highway bridge pillarsamong them. More than 109 pillars are in operation.

39 of 593 decks of highway and railway bridges are already constructed. More than 70 decks are in operation.

Construction of concrete slabs for the highway bridge is made on the Taman side and Tuzla Island. At present, 5.000 m3 of nearly 63.000m3 are assembled.

Arch assembly is made at the process area in Kerch. 6.000 of approximately 10.000 metal structures are already assembled.

Aboout 100 building cranes and hundreds of production units are in use. There are more than 30 ships applied in the bridge construction. More than 7.000 builders work on a rotational basis and more than 4.000 people work at the construction siteevery day.

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