High-strength fasteners «BERVEL» were supplied for the construction of the VEER Mall shopping center in Ekaterinburg.

The object is not only for its size (the 2nd largest in Ekaterinburg– 167 thousand square meters), but also for modern architectural solutions.

The experience of leading Asian and European countries was used in the design. The idea of the object: to get away from the standard rectangular shapes, making the building a full-fledged art object.

The name of the shopping center was due to the unique facade with the effect of movement, the shape of which resembles a fan. It is noteworthy that brand logos were not put on the facade.

The main architectural accent in VEER Mall is a transparent self-supporting roof. There is not a single shopping corridor in the gallery in the building, where the roof would be opaque. The shape of the roof has a picturesque view from above to please the future residents of the quarter being built around the shopping center with its appearance.

Among other interesting solutions: a bridge with a transparent glass floor and two amphitheaters.

The implementation of such an original project required thousands of tons of metal structures, in the critical joints of which you can see fasteners with the «BERVEL» marking.

TC VEER Mall.png

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