On the 22th of April a field meeting of coordination council for the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Central Federal District (CC RUIE) took place in the government of Ryazan Region. This meeting was convened by Mr.Michael Kuzovlyov, chairman of CC RUIE and CEO of AKB “Russian Capital “. The meeting was also attended by Mr.Sergey Samokhin, the First Deputy Chairman of Regional Representation, executives of enterprises from Ryazan Region and from other Russian Regions, members of public organizations.

In his report Mr. Sergey Samokhin pointed out that in the present economic conditions the support of operating enterprises capable of turning out import-substituting products gains a key importance.
Activities of the Regional Government on establishing favorable investment climate primarily involves development of the legal framework which protects investors’ rights and encourages them.

Changes of the corresponding Regional legislation were introduced: the list of priority guidelines of investment activities was extended, the minimum threshold of capital investments for the projects claiming government support was lowered, the government support period was increased from three years to five years, profit tax reduction by 4,5% was envisaged for any capital investment project within the period from 2015 to 2018, property tax exemption was made.

The most important projects were exempted from transport tax, the subsidy rates for such projects being also increased.

— Even today it is possible to speak about some projects benefited from the antirecessionary measures and exemplified by the construction project of a complex for thermal isolation production, construction of the deboning & packing unit and the warehouses for meat foods storage in Rybnoye district and construction of the bioenvironmental integrated works in Alexander-Nevskiy district.
“As on January 1,2016 there are over 200 capital investment projects under implementation in the region for  a total amount of 256 billion Rubles”, reported Mr.Sergey Samokhin.
The First Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government added that some of the large capital investment projects would be finished this year, particularly construction of “BERVEL” high-strength fastener plant,  “Logicroof” thermal isolation factory and the new road fencing production unit at “ Tochinvest Ltd”. 

All in all there are 16 capital investment projects pursued in the Region and supported by the government, the investment amount contracted for them exceeding 35 billion Rubles,  the extra tax revenues to the Regional budget amounting to 9 billion Rubles with the government support of 5.5 billion Rubles.
At present the question is being elaborated for establishing a Regional fund of industry.  It is planned allocate Its resources as easy loans for a period of three years for the purpose of modern equipment and technologies acquisition. 

 As far as support of small and medium businesses is concerned,  167.4 Million Rubles were allocated for this purpose in 2015.
1024 subjects of small and medium business obtained this support.
As a result 1352 new jobs were created and 59 new subjects of small business.
*based on MEDIARYAZAN reporting

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