Road construction sector in Russia is currently developing and demand for aluminum bridges is expected to grow. Two aluminum foot bridges will soon be assembled in Moscow as part of the project for the Yauza nature park redevelopment. Aluminum bridges will also be constructed in Krasnoyarsk, Vladimir, Kamchatka Krai and in the regions of the North Caucasus.
During the conference it was also reported that replacement of old bridges by new aluminum bridges will also become widespread. For example, railway infrastructure in Russia includes 1150 bridges, 150 of them are to be replaced.
Though such aluminum-alloy structures have already been used in Europe for a long time, construction of aluminum bridges is a new and revolutionary step in Russia. Aluminum Association members are sure that advantages of aluminum bridges will be highly estimated and their quantity will rapidly grow.

Source: Metal Supply and Sales, Aluminum Association
13 September, 2017

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