Construction of "Flying bridge" in Moscow Zaryadye Park is practically finished. "Flying bridge" is a light-weight construction in the "V" form with a big outbound cantilever arm. The cantilever arm of the bridge is 70 meters long and hangs above the water surface without any bridge pillars. The cantilever arm was constructed from the two connected haunches. The height of the bridge is 13 meters. The loadbearing construction is made of concrete, the surroundings are metal and the decking for the walking area is wooden.
The load test has been carried out recently and now the bridge is ready for operation. The bridge will become one of the best observation decks in Moscow. The construction will link Zaryadye Park to the Moskva River embankment. Tourists will view the Kremlin, the park and central embankments. The opening of "Flying bridge" will be held on Moscow City day 2017.

Sources:  Metal Supply and Sales
6 September 2017

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