One of the two floating priers arrived to the Kerch shore. They will be used to transport and hoist the arches to the channel pillars of the Kerch Strait Bridge. The unique floating storage system was constructed by Sevastopol shipbuilders especially for the Kerch offshore assembly operation.

            A floating system consists of two identical floating priers. The priers are based on pontoon bridges with the special-purpose deck equipment. The length of the floating prier is 60 m, the width is 35 m and the height is nearly 12 m.

            Construction of the floating system within the framework of the Kerch Strait Bridge arch assembly operation was initiated in the summer of 2016. The assembly of the arch spans and channel pillars in the Kerch Strait was held meanwhile.

            When all the preparatory construction works are completed, arch spans will be removed and assembled by means of the floating system in the final position on the high- and railway parts of the bridge. The unique marine operation of the bridge arches transportation and assembly will be held during August and September of the current year.

Source: the information portal “The Bridge to Crimea

August 3, 2017

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