In August this year, a recruitment of volunteers to support the Universiade 2023 in Yekaterinburg will start.
   At the beginning of the week, a meeting was held with the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Yevgeny Kuyvashev with the leadership of the Executive Directorate of the Universiade-2023, profile members of the government and industry representatives on the concept of catering for participants and guests of the World University Games 2023.
   The cherished date is getting closer and closer.
   Work is in full swing at the construction site of the complex, unique for the Urals. The Universiade is a powerful catalyst for the development of a city, region and country.
   Events like the World University Games give host cities a powerful boost in development. What is created in ordinary life over the course of 15-20 years, in preparation for such an international event, is embodied in 3-4 years.
After the Universiade, its official village should become a full-fledged district, and already now the development plan provides for other necessary facilities. In particular, on the territory of the Novokoltsovsky district of Yekaterinburg, trade enterprises, public catering and consumer services, a shopping and entertainment center, preschool institutions, a general education school, a museum and cultural center, a children's art school, a library, aboveground and ground parking are provided.
   The central object - the Water Sports Palace - is being built with the use of fasteners from the BERVEL plant. The area of ​​the sports facility will be more than 60 thousand square meters and its construction will cost almost 10 billion rubles. The total weight of the metal structures exceeds 9 thousand tons, which is comparable to the weight of the metal structures of the Eiffel Tower (7.3 thousand tons).

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