In the city of Tula, the construction of an elevated aluminum pedestrian bridge near the main building of the Patriot-Tula park is at the final stage.

The object is being implemented within the framework of the Safe and High-Quality Roads National Project. Due to the unique characteristics of aluminum, and first of all, its lightness, the bridge structures, ready for assembly, were delivered to Tula by road train from only four auto platforms, which significantly reduced the load on the road surface. In addition, the lightness of the aluminum span made it possible not to use heavy construction equipment.
Aluminum structures were designed in such a way that they could be assembled not only by specialists in the aluminum industry, but also by workers of bridge construction organizations. Fasteners for the assembly of structures are used by ZVK “BERVEL” LLC - in a zinc-lamellar coating, which supports the general theme of minimizing the operating costs of the object in comparison with the usual steel version of the bridge.
With the implementation of this project in 2020, the Tula region will be one of the first Russian regions in which advanced technologies for the use of aluminum in the field of bridge construction have been applied.

Commissioning of the aluminum pedestrian bridge is scheduled for September 30.

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