B-logo.pngRepresentatives of the high-strength fastener plant BERVEL attended the 6th annual conference Fasteners: Reliability and responsibility that was held on the 23rd and 24th of November in St. Petersburg. This conference is one of the main events in fastener industry.

The conference Fasteners: Reliability and responsibility was devoted to the quality of fasteners in the Russian market and analyzing the system “manufacturer – seller - buyer” in different branches of industry.

Participants also discussed the following issues:

  •         Standardization of fasteners: development of basic and new standards, use of standards and quality control;

  •        Corrosion protection: different types of coatings, quality and application.

  •         Russian fastener manufactures development;

  •         Fasteners for the leading Russian market segments;

  •          Requirements for fastener manufacturing plants.

On the second day participants visited Road and Bridge Research Institute and learned different testing methods and lab equipment.

November 28, 2016.

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