The first major conference of American company GE General Electric: together for Russia and global markets took place from the 13th to 14th of September in Moscow.

Specialists of high-strength fastener plant BERVEL attended the conference General Electric Transportation during which the global and regional leaders of GE presented the procurement strategy and plans of the company. Representatives of the company also informed participants about the new ways of cooperation with Russian manufacturers.     

The conference became part of GE procurement increase program in Russia. The program is aimed at using potentials of Russian manufacturers for the effective worldwide supply of products for GE company.

The main issues of the conference: strategic markets of GE in Russia and Former Soviet republics, strategy of purchase in Russia and Soviet countries, new abilities of GE Transportation, quality and system of quality management, demands for GE suppliers. Another important topic for discussion at Question and Answer session was the purchase of fasteners for GE transportation and other departments of the corporation General Electric.

September 13, 2016.

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