Nord-Lock introduces the Torquelator, which is accurate and easy to use from any remote location. The Torquelator is a torque calculating application that runs on mobile devices as well as from computers.

The Torquelator calculates preload and corresponding torque for bolted joints secured with Nord-Lock washers. The user can choose bertween two different calculation methods, Kellermann&Klein and VDI2230.  With just a few clicks to select bolt size, bolt grade and lubricant, the user gets the correct torque guide right in his or her pocket. Upon the calculation performed by the Torquelator, the user will see a summary of friction valueswere used in calculation. Also, when a calculation has been saved, the user will see what thread pitch was used in the calculation. The app provides rapid calculations.

14 December, 2017
Source: Fastener Technology

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