60 years ago, on April 12, 1961, all radio stations on Earth interrupted their transmissions to announce the sensational news - a man in space!
The world heard Gagarin's "Let's Go", which marked the beginning of manned space exploration.

And the very next day the poster "April 12, 1961. The fairy tale has come true" was ready by the Soviet graphic artist, illustrator, medalist and poster artist - Staris Bernhard Leonardovich

Our compatriot Yuri Gagarin flew around the Earth on the Vostok satellite ship and returned safely. And this is just 3.5 years after our country launched the first artificial Earth satellite.This flight has become an outstanding event for all mankind. The feat of Yuri Alekseevich became the property of all mankind. The world community greeted the space pioneer as a national hero, as a citizen of planet Earth.

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