The small anniversary of the BERVEL plant was attended by guests not only from all over Russia, but also from abroad. Among the hundreds of invited guests-partners gathered leading enterprises of the metallurgical industry, such as: Management Company Metalloinvest, PJSC Minsk Tractor Plant, GC Tochinvest, IG KONAR.
The celebration was also attended by representatives of the government of the Ryazan region in the person of the governor of the Ryazan region Nikolai Lyubimov, his deputy Svetlana Goryachkina and Andrei Vorfolomeev, the minister of industry and economic development.
The ceremonial part began with a speech by the General Director of BERVEL, Yuri Medvedev, in which he spoke about the history of the plant and its achievements over 5 years.

The ceremonial part began with a speech by the General Director of BERVEL, Yuri Medvedev, in which he spoke about the history of the plant and its achievements over 5 years.
The General Director noted that BERVEL's products have a high potential for import substitution and export orientation and are in demand in such industries as: energy, mechanical engineering, construction (infrastructure, civil and industrial consruction).
The plant today is:

  • 35 thousand tons of products per year;
  • More than 1500 nomenclature items of fasteners with the most modern types of protective coatings in accordance with domestic and foreign standards (the right to apply CE marking for export to EU countries and ISO 9001-2015);
  • Facilities throughout Russia, in the CIS countries and Europe, including: LNG Arctic-2, Amur GPP, Irkutsk Power Line, Volgograd SES, Kola Shipyard, Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge, 500-bed Infection Center in New Moscow (Kommunarka).

As part of the development of "BERVEL", the implementation of the second stage of investment is envisaged, which will increase the volume of production, expand the range of products. The plant plans to master new types of products and promote innovative products on the market.
After the speech of the general director of BERVEL, Governor of the Ryazan region Nikolay Lyubimov spoke, who noted that the plant belongs to the priority investment projects of the Ryazan region, is one of the backbone organizations of the region:

Five years is a small date, but significant,- said the head of the region. - The opening of the plant was a significant event not only for the Ryazan region, but for the whole country.This made it possible to replace the import of similar products. The domestic industry, the construction complex and the road industry received support and new opportunities for development. Today the plant does not reduce the quality of production, remaining the most modern specialized enterprise in the country.

The governor promised that the regional leadership will continue to provide comprehensive support.
In addition to congratulations from the top officials of the metallurgical industry, congratulations were also made from representatives of the leading technical universities in Ryazan. They noted the special importance of the BERVEL plant as a promising place for internship and further employment for students.

The central theme of the holiday was the staff of the plant, which was repeatedly emphasized in the address of the general director of "BERVEL" to the employees from the stage:

- Now it is fashionable to say that the manufacturer must be "customer-centric" - this is a new concept of the old "customer-oriented" - the essence of this does not change, the plant is sensitive to the market situation and anticipates the client's desire, we offer the best solution and are always ready to provide technical support - we have enough knowledge and experience and responsibility - this is what our clients appreciate. BUT! All this would not have happened without the team, and here I say THANK YOU to all those who put their souls into a common cause, who are looking for a solution and offer, not being afraid to go not on the road, but proving the effectiveness of an innovative solution, projecting the customer's needs onto a complex technology each in his own area, but for the benefit of the overall result. BERVEL's success is in the team of the strong! THANK YOU!


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