The new issue of the magazine "FASTENERS, ADHESIVES, TOOLS AND ..." came out with our object on the cover.

Last year, the BERVEL plant, together with a company specializing in the implementation of aluminum projects, took part in the construction of a pedestrian bridge in the city of Tula.

At the beginning of this year, the State Expertise approved a standard for the construction of automobile aluminum bridges. In anticipation of the implementation of this direction of construction, we would like to note our positive experience in the supply of high-strength fasteners in a zinc-lamellar coating for the above designated object.

After all, any big words about leadership in a particular industry remain just words without real objects built using fasteners from a particular manufacturer. The list of large-scale construction projects and already commissioned buildings and structures for various purposes with the use of BERVEL fasteners is being replenished at a pace that speaks for itself. We have a lot to be proud of!


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