The Central Ring Road is the largest project in the field of road infrastructure in the Moscow region to date. The idea of creating a new highway appeared in 2005, and today, 50 km from Moscow, the project has become a reality, cars are driving along the Central Ring Road.

And we decided to make a trip at the end of autumn, when the large-scale opening ceremony is over, and it's time for its daily operation in a working rhythm. After all, ZVK "BERVEL" has contributed to the creation of this unique project by putting more than a dozen tons of fasteners both on the bridge parts of the highway and on barrier fences to ensure the safety of road users.

You drive along the Central Ring Road with comfort: there is good lighting and beautiful asphalt. You drive non-stop. There are simply no traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, intersections, traffic jams here. There are also no toll booths with barriers, because the "Free Flow" system works. We drove through the frame with the equipment for fixing the passage. Payment is made from the user's personal account by transponder or by recognizing state registration license plates.

If necessary, you can make a stop at comfortable recreation areas, which are located on the Central Ring Road every 15 km.

Smart equipment automatically monitors the current situation, weather conditions, and the condition of the roadway. If there was a dangerous situation on the road, the system would immediately warn us about it.

We were really impressed, it's not for nothing that the Central Ring Road was called the "road of the future". And we are very proud that we took part in the construction of the most modern high-speed highway in Europe.

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