Recently, a scientific and technical conference “Prospects for a modern metal bridge building” was held with the participation of representatives of leading industry research institutes and key consumers of bridge steel.

 Participants of the event discussed current issues of the use of rolled steel in the production of metal bridges and ways to further develop the industry.
 The following reports were heard at the conference:

 "Atmospheric steel" - Vladimir Kopyrin, Technical Director of Kurganstalmost;

 "The use of weathering steel in the coastal zone and northern latitudes" - the main specialist of the Institute Giprostroymost "Edward Gitman;

"The use of weathering steel in railway and road bridges" - Alexander Konyukhov, Chief Researcher of the Russian Railway Research Institute;

 "Unification of the requirements of standards for rental for bridge construction" - Deputy General Director of TsNIIchermet them. I.P. Bardin Gennady Eremin;

“I consider such an event useful, necessary and timely,” the deputy general director of TsNIIchermet said. I.P. Bardin Gennady Eremin. - There are issues that need to be addressed together in such conferences. New technological solutions are needed to move forward and develop new types of products. Russian manufacturers must increase competitiveness and be ahead of world leaders. For this, cooperation of all industry participants in matters of research and development is important. ”

Understanding this, the BERVEL plant of high-strength fasteners brought to the market weather-resistant steel fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers) that do not require additional anti-corrosion protective coating, becoming the first mass producer of such products on an industrial scale in Russia. In the manufacture of fasteners used a unique technology that has no analogues in the Russian Federation.

Source: IIS “Metal Supply and Sales”

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