Last week, the 4th International Specialized Exhibition "SteelStructures-2019" completed its work. Four days 125 companies - manufacturers of metal structures and suppliers of metal, distributors of equipment from representatives of design organizations, research institutes - presented their products, technologies and solutions for the construction industry, and more than 3 thousand people visited the exhibition.

For our plant, this exhibition is targeted, not in the narrow sense of the word - when a strictly limited circle of people comes to the stand, its specificity lies precisely in the fact that prepared, knowledgeable potential counterparties come to the stand. They ask the "right" questions; it is very easy to transfer such contacts from cold to a real customer base, with long-term contracts and trusting partnerships.
Active counterparties enjoy visiting the exhibition to exchange current information in a lively conversation, once again shake hands and say "thank you" to each other - this is so natural in mutually beneficial cooperation.

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