Dear Ilya Sergeevich and Alexander Alexandrovich!
Our dear neighbors, friends!

On behalf of LLC ZVK "BERVEL" and on my own behalf, I congratulate you and your team
Happy 45th Anniversary of TOCHINVEST JSC!

Today TOCHINVEST JSC is associated in the industry with an integrated approach to road safety. Constantly modernizing production assets, improving technologies, expanding production and the range of products, and most importantly, encouraging a team of professionals for new labor feats - TOCHINVEST has become an example of competent management and a model that companies not only in the road industry are equal to.
For our part, as a good neighbor, we are always ready to support any of your most ambitious projects, even with a handful of fasteners, even with a wagon!
I wish you and your team great happiness, health, well-being, creative inspiration, stability and firm confidence in the future!

       CEO of ZVK "BERVEL"
Yuri Medvedev

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