High-strength hexagon bolts for bridge building

High-strength hexagon bolts for bridge building

General specifications

for steel constructions of bridges
Thread diameter
Product grade
Minimum temporary resistance N / mm2 (kgf / mm2)
1078-1275 (110-130)
Steel grade
moderate and cold-resistant
Length, mm
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  • hot-dip galvanized coating
  • zinc flake coating


20 kg pallet shrink-wrapped cardboard boxes

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Washer for high-strength structural bolting for steel constructions. ISO 7415:1984. Thread diameter: M16-M30. Coating: hot-dip galvanizing, zinc flake coating.
High-strength hexagon nut with large width across flats for steel constructions of bridges. Equivalent to GOST R 53664-2009. Thread diameter: M22-M27. Tension from test load, N / mm2 (kgf / mm2) not less than 1245 (127) . Coating: no coating, hot-dip galvanizing, zinc flake coating.
Bolt for the assembly of engineering structures and artificial road structures of corrugated metal, resistant to corrosion damage (BERVEL Organization Standard). Thread diameter: M16, M20. Strength class: 5.6; 8.8; 10.9. Coating: hot-dip galvanizing.

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