Start-up of the automated traffic control system at the Kerch Strait Bridge

Specialists have started to set up the automated traffic control system at the Kerch Strait Bridge, reports the official information center. 

The system will guarantee the efficient traffic management, traffic regulations control, weight and size check, traffic monitoring, driver information system and rapid traffic conditions inspection. The system is regulated through the Control Centre in the Crimea Bridge operational service at the Taman Peninsula. 

The alert subsystem will inform drivers about traffic problems, meteorological conditions and condition of the road surface beforehand. These will guarantee the safe and optimized traffic condition. The software was developed by Russian specialists.

Last week the builders started to lay asphalt and stripe the highway section of the Kerch Strait Bridge. Construction of the bridge was initiated in 2015. The highway section of the bridge will be opened for traffic in 2018 and the railway section in 2019.

April 16th, 2018
Source: RBC