Wire and Tube 2018 – bigger and more international than ever

For 30 years, wire & Tube, the Düsseldorf-based trade fairduo, have been shaping their respective industries. This year, these leading trade fairs are proving that they are still as fresh and innovative as ever. In their anniversary year, the trade fairs once again have their finger on the pulse of time and provide the industries with a vital boost by focusing on important topics such as fiber-optic technologies. Unsurprisingly, the trade fairs are once again reporting a record number of exhibitors.

The industries are changing, which raises many new questions. What do customers expect from the producers of fiber-optic technologies? What are the new developments within the wire, cable, and tube industries in terms of digitalization and industry 4.0? What are the requirements that tubes need to meet in the increasingly challenging pipeline construction industry? Roughly 2,600 exhibitors offer their solutions for these challenges. There is much to talk about. Fortunately, the record number of exhibitors means that your chance of finding and implementing custom solutions through intensive discussions is higher than ever. There is also more to discover than ever before - with a total of 118,000 net square meters, the exhibition space reaches a new high as well. “Fortunately, the economic conditions are also very favorable at the moment. Despite global crises in recent years, the entire industry is currently experiencing a global upswing. The economic climate offers a lot of incentives to invest, not only in Europe,” explains Friedrich-Georg Kehrer, Global Portfolio Director Metals and Flow Technologies.

 April 10th, 2018
Source: WIRE Düsseldorf