Прокат холоднотянутый из конструкционной легированной стали в прутках ГОСТ 4543-71

DIN EN 10083-3-2009, ISO 683-2:2016

General specifications

used for general engineering purposes, for manufacture of a wide variety of parts, products, machine components and mechanisms
Accuracy degree
h10, h11, h12
Diameter, m
Steel grade
20Cr4, 16MgCrB5, 20MnCr5G, 20Cr4, 30MnCrTi, 34Cr4, 38Si7, 37Cr4, 46Cr2
Surface quality grade
B, C
Length, m
Length tolerance
Cross sectional area
<0.2 mm/1m
Heat treatment
untreated, bright annealed (spheroidize annealing)


  • no coating


Random length from 2.5 to 6 metres, stock weight 1-2 tons; exact length on request. Bars tied up with steel straps

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